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The Sir. Community being a diverse group of members hailing from all backgrounds and professions is ever growing and changing, ever striving to provide the best service to its members and to always striving to be on the forefront of creative development and personal growth.

What's New:
Due to large increase of a Student Members for Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada - The Community has taken a shift from its usual film production to pursue fields more closely related to the personal growth of its members and there courses.

As a result this website and the community shall be taking a less public turn and for now be performing no more public events in Battlefield 2 at this time.

The focus of this community in 2007 will be shifted and focused into the following fields:

  • Unreal level design

  • Network development and network application development.

  • Server knowledge, growth and development.

  • Image creation and advance photoshoping

  • Website development, Database integration and content management.

This website will shift towards learning and development. As a result you will often see project and information that may be find abrupt or confusing. We ask you to renember that this website is built for a community a members and for the public to view, join or interact with. We ask that you please excuse of the aforementioned troubles you may find in the future, as we will often upload half projects and change pages without notice. This website will be often in a state of action being half built at times or in-between fazes of a project.

Alot of the content you will see in the following months will be hand made projects by members of this community and Algonquin Colleges Game Development program for testing and learning purposes. They are not meant to be a display of the extent of the community's abilities or a representation of any members true skill level. As a result they should not be taken as a benchmark of current or future events of the community or that member.

So here's to 2007:
It will be a great year for tactical and intelligent games and this community will be playing and promoting some games such as:

 All Logos are of there respective owners.

  • Armed Assault

  • Unreal 2007 and 2004

  • Red Orchestra

  • Rainbow 6 - 5 - Vegas

  • Spore

  • Operation Flashpoint 2

In these games the community shall be brining its unique brand of creativity to enjoy and play these games. As well playing these games in a professional, fun, team based manner while continuing the community's work in film production, testing and mapping. We welcome you to join us and place your own take on this games in our events when the arise. Event notifications will be posted in the welcome area of the forums.

In Closing:
We - speaking on behalf of the community, welcome you to make your self known on our forums and to stay tuned to this website for future events and developments. We look forward to playing with, entertaining and having you join us for projects and events in the future.

As always if you ever need to reach myself or the webmaster please send a e-mail to: and we will try to assist in anyway we can.

- Sir. Polaris
Leader and founder of The Sir. Community



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