Q: Who is the Sir. Community?

The Sir. Community, is the defining figure for fun and unorthodox gameplay in modern gaming, with a unique style never seen before in a gaming community. Pushing the limits of video games, machinima, and the imaginations of gamers beyond their wildest dreams.

Q: Where does The Sir. Community originate from?

The Sir. Community originated with Battlefield 1942, where stunting was born - TNT flips, jeeps jumping moving planes, you name it, The Sir. Community did it first and makes sure to do it to a high standard.

Q: When was it that the gaming community first noticed The Sir. Community's great potential?

When we made a move to Battlefield 2 we began to capture stunts on video, and our first film was born. This film, 'Stunts of Oman' attracted over 100,000 downloads in the first few weeks. With this, Sir. started to grow and skilled gamers entered the community making it what it is today. The Sir. Community created many films in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 that were featured in major gaming magazines around the world.

Q: What else does The Sir. Community do other then filming?

Sir. members are also renowned for their professional skills in the field of full game modification otherwise known as total conversions. This is where an original game is given new vehicles, objectives and coding enhancements to evolve and embrace gamers into a new gaming experience. BF2: Sandbox, the most innovative creation for BF2, gained worldwide notoriety, giving you the freedom to build on a map with just a few simple in game clicks of the mouse. Battleracer brings the vehicles of BF2 to life in intense high-speed races around the maps we all know and love, competing against your fellow gamer or best buddies to be the first to get around all the check points in high octane and ammunition race.

Q: What skills do those in the community possess?

Today, The Sir. Community is one of the largest filming communities out there in the gaming world, not sacrificing skill level for community size, just always aiming to attract the right people with the right skills. With many skilled members in filmmaking, graphic design, and programming, Sir. has expanded into these fields creating things that are enjoyed by everyone in the gaming community.

Q: What servers do you have?

The Sir. Community currently runs several gaming servers with the central hub being our TeamSpeak server. The gaming servers are used for having fun on mods, practicing for competitions, filming, beta testing, or for just whatever we feel like doing! The TeamSpeak is where all the action happens, here, you will find us thinking up new stunts, movies, or even mods.

Q: Are your servers public?

Our servers are open to the public most the time, and our teamspeak server is always open, so why not switch on your microphone and start chatting with one of our wonderful Sir. members now?

Q: How are you managing to keep a fan base for so many years?

We have always been able to find something new when everything has been claimed "old". Pushing cinema photography and editing of our films to new levels, with TV covers such as our Top Gear episode and top of the line blue/green screen effects featured in Desktop Battlefield and the Northern Strike Promo Video. The one thing we want to do with every new release is to present a new, vibrant, exciting yet challenging film, mod or map for the gaming community.