The Sir. Community

Past, Present, Future(?) Community Members

This page lists just a sampling of the incredible, talented, brilliant friends who have spent time with us since 2001. Although we may consider ourselves "old" today, some of us are still around and active when we manage to make time to play some games, some of us drop by maybe once a year or two to check in, and some have vanished into the ephemeral depths of the Internet (RIP MSN Messenger).

No matter where your journey has taken you, we salute you all, and hope you fondly remember our time together.

Lady. Onion
Lady. Raaide
Sir. AAK625
Sir. Abjam77
Sir. Adamas
Sir. Agent
Sir. Akland
Sir. Alpha
Sir. AlphaWhiskey
Sir. Archer
Sir. BananaBoy
Sir. BigFuzzyArchon
Sir. Blinkerfluid
Sir. Bokeh
Sir. BoozeHound
Sir. Bugilt
Sir. Cabose
Sir. Can o Whoop
Sir. CeltFury
Sir. ChaosAK47
Sir. Chauncey
Sir. Cheesecake
Sir. ClarelakaKurt
Sir. Comanche
Sir. CooliceT
Sir. CrackerJam
Sir. Crammal
Sir. Critical
Sir. Curelean Muerto
Sir. DaLipton
Sir. DarkEagle
Sir. Darklee16
Sir. Darklegion
Sir. Darth_Master
Sir. Decripfy
Sir. Devildog
Sir. Divercia
Sir. Doc
Sir. Dosedmonkey
Sir. Dougal
Sir. Drew
Sir. Eagle
Sir. Elxx
Sir. Expl0it
Sir. EyeofGod
Sir. Fingersniffer
Sir. Fritz
Sir. FrostyUK
Sir. Fullforce
Sir. Fuzzeh
Sir. GenBrett
Sir. GenX000
Sir. Godwin
Sir. H2Yo
Sir. HackerX4
Sir. Headshot
Sir. Hellspork
Sir. Hoppum
Sir. Hybrid-Halo
Sir. Hylkema
Sir. Ian
Sir. InfernoAcid
Sir. Infin
Sir. Jameslcfc
Sir. Jeffzoom
Sir. Jimbob
Sir. Jimbosmith
Sir. Kaheiyeh
Sir. Kain
Sir. Karatehand
Sir. Karl
Sir. Karschick
Sir. Kernelwiz
Sir. KillalotUK
Sir. Killer Sam
Sir. King Cockery
Sir. Klegg
Sir. Knoxed
Sir. Krisdapimp
Sir. Kronicle
Sir. Legolas
Sir. Lilbond
Sir. Liquidice
Sir. Maddawg
Sir. Mank
Sir. MatDef
Sir. Mavrik347
Sir. Maz
Sir. Medicdude
Sir. Medicine Man
Sir. Microdrive
Sir. Mobius
Sir. Monk
Sir. NNY
Sir. NapoleonRox
Sir. Nightwing
Sir. NoHands
Sir. Nothing
Sir. NuclearDruid
Sir. Oddsodz
Sir. Onion
Sir. Polaris
Sir. Polish
Sir. Polka
Sir. Prowler
Sir. Psychosnowman
Sir. Pwnedgato
Sir. Pxl_Buzzard
Sir. Quickfeet
Sir. RKO
Sir. Raaandy
Sir. Raiden
Sir. Rampage
Sir. Rataboom
Sir. Reflexy
Sir. RoadRunner
Sir. Rob
Sir. Roqsteady
Sir. S2
Sir. SNiperAlo
Sir. SOnic*
Sir. Saind
Sir. Sashdaman
Sir. Sharkey
Sir. Shpox
Sir. Side
Sir. Sikpanzer
Sir. Slug
Sir. SomecallmeTim
Sir. Spitfire
Sir. SpungE
Sir. Stangg
Sir. Storm
Sir. Swanston
Sir. Tasty
Sir. TehDude
Sir. The-W
Sir. TheHeartSmasher
Sir. TiberianSun
Sir. Tom
Sir. Troyhw
Sir. Twister
Sir. VaSs
Sir. Vash2051
Sir. Veeence
Sir. Vika09
Sir. Webmaster
Sir. WhiteRose
Sir. WikaWoo
Sir. XaliaS
Sir. Xan
Sir. Xios
Sir. Xodus
Sir. Zypher
Sir. bzb
Sir. d0xalic
Sir. eYeball